How To Push Start A Manual

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How To Push Start A Manual

Post by Jerzeyboi85 on Mon Jan 21, 2008 1:43 am

If your car battery dies on you what would you do? Learn how to start a manual car with a dead battery.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need

  • manual transmission
  • friends or a hill
  • car keys

Step One

Know why your car won't start. This can be very obvious you may just
have walked outside to find your headlights left on. Other reasons to
push start include extreme cold(I'm looking at you Canada) or an old or
defective battery. Find the source of the problem first.

Step Two

Turn off all things that drain electricity in your car. This step is
easier on older cars. Turn off the radio, turn off the lights, keep
your doors shut and if possible remove the fuse for your interior

Step Three

Make sure you have enough space to push the car up to the speed you
need. Remember you will have to climb into the car if you push it and
you will probably stall it your first try (just like learning to drive
stick) experienced drivers often can do it in less then a car length
starting on a hill.

Step Four

You need to build up lots of potential energy. With the car out of gear
either get it rolling down a hill or have your friends help you push it
up to the required speed. The faster the better because higher speeds
will let you use second or third gear to turn your engine (these gears
allow the engine to turn slower giving you a mechanical advantage)

Step Five

Make sure the key is in the run or on position.

Step Six

Push the clutch in (while still rolling) and select the gear to use.
Use one gear higher then you would normally use at the speed you are
moving. Don't use overdrive (usually your top gear check owners manual)

Step Seven

Release the clutch and the car should slow then release as you hear the
engine start to turn. It is an odd sensation the first time but you
should use the clutch in the same way you would if you were using the
engine to move the car (rather then the car to move the engine)

Step Eight

Click to enlargesomeplace i can fix my car

Run the car with as little power as possible. If possible leave lights
off. Leave the radio off. A manual engine can run on almost no power
but your electrical system will give everything it has to keep your
lights on one more second. It's not uncommon to see a car that will run
fine without a fully working alternator and an almost dead battery but
die the moment the radio is turned on(with the radio still playing of
course) drive straight to someplace you can fix your car.

Overall Tips & Warnings

  • The lighter the car the easier it is to push
  • Tears will often only make people laugh at you
  • Smaller engines are easier to turn over but take longer to charge batteries
  • Push starting will push against your transmission in a funny way and it may or may not be bad for your car moderation is key
  • Look where you are going
  • Pushing your car with your buddies car is an easy way to get it moving and an even easier way to break something be careful
  • If it is cold outside keep warm frostbite is just as dangerous on the way home as it was back in that parking lot.


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