First Official RedLine Soldiers Meet

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First Official RedLine Soldiers Meet

Post by Jerzeyboi85 on Fri Nov 30, 2007 2:47 pm

It's getting cold out. So start filling your head with warm thoughts, because I want to plan our first meet in the summer time. This at LEAST 7 months to prepare.

I am thinking a beach location, or a state park with a lake to go swimming. I have never been to Coney Island, so I don't know if there is room for a meet. I know only two state parks in NJ, and we would have to be there EARLY to have room to park our Legends. NJ beaches wise, theres, Bel-Mar, Ocean Grove, Neptune, Point Pleasant, Seaside Park, and Seaside Hieghts. I LOVE Seaside. That's like Crazy nice. Just its always crowded.

Start submitting people. If we can't do a nice beach meet, then I want BIG secluded parking lots like at the Acura-Legend Tri-State meet.

There will be FOOD. If we do a beach meet, then the comitte will figure out how to get to a nice buffet.
If we go where there is a grill, then there will be cooking. I will get a dedicated cook to come to make sure we have a steady supply of food.

As far as music goes, we all have systems, I would like to be somewhere that we can blast. I want to have a contest to see who has the loudest system. Maybe get some trophies.

Anyway submit ideas here. Keep them reasonable, NO RACING.


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