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Post by Jerzeyboi85 on Thu Nov 22, 2007 4:12 am

All members/participants of this forum are subject to these rules and regulations and their associated consequences. Infraction of any of the rules will result in the issuance of infraction points that can lead to a ban either temporary or permanent.

Mods/Admins can only do but so much. It is up to you to help keep the forum clean. Report abuse, spamming, or harrassment immediately.

1.) RESPECT all members, moderators, and administrators of this forum. We have a zero tolerance policy for creating a hostile environment.

2.) All threads are to be on topic unless designated off topic.

3.) Censor your words because others than yourself will be able to read it. Not all of us are in the privacy of our own home. If vulagrity causes someone who didn't post that vulagarity to be banned from use of his/her computer at his/her place of use, all guilty parties will be temporarily banned. Don't post anything that you wouldn't let your boss or your librarian read.

4.) No discrimination of any kind is allowed. Any insulting phrases directed at someones age, sex, sexual preference, location, race, color, ancestrial background, criminal status, or legal status is strictly prohibited. Zero tolerance.

5.) Do not post porn. Porn includes nude pictures, or over excessive exposure.

6.) No do post advertisements unless directing toward a topic related sale in "The Mall".

7.) If a ban is passed do not make new accounts to try to circumvent the ban. Doing so will result in instant ban for new accounts and original accounts, then IP ban.

8.) Do not share personal information with others openily in discussion threads. If the exchange of information is necessary for sale, or meet, then pass the information through each other's PM or email. Identity Theft is a crime, and is very real. Protect yourself.

9.) Do not discuss PMs from members, with other members outside of concerned parties. Example: Do not tell Bob, that Jake said he had a BHG. Unless the OP [original poster] gave you permission, do not share PM information in open discussion.

10.) You will respect moderator and administration decision. Failure to do so will result in warning or ban. If you want to defend your case, then PM the mod, or admin stating your case and defending your position.

11.) SPAM will result in automatic perma ban.

12.) Do not type an entire post in CAPS. IT IS BAD FORUM ETTIQUIETE.

13.) Do not use any vulgarity in the shout box. It is on the front page, and ALL who are the main page can see it.

14.) If you have a problem with someone in the forum. Report them.

15.) Have Fun.
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